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When Winning is Non-Negotiable
Connect the Dots with Coach Millionista
About me

I am Dr. Khadijah X. Chapman

      I am driven, ambitious, and will fight for your success. I'm a giver, a doer, a creative she is, bold and willing to work with you until you achieve your goal. Best of all I am known for being Radical.

       Radical is an acronym for 
Results Achieved Daily Intentionally Creates Amazing Living. 

       I started a movement of “Radical Game Changers’. Having a coach is good however having a wealth building strategist changes the game immensely.

       In order to have what we want in life, we must take a position, our position is to be Radical about the things we want to achieve in life. I am a maximizer working with me, I will maximize the potential that you know you have and create streams of income with you that you may not have thought about.

        Money isn’t everything, however you have more options when you are able to literally create it… literally out of thin air!

        I started from humble beginnings, a life full of love, abandonment, tragedies, losses and laughter all rolled up into my story. I’ve been confined to a federal prison where I found her answers inside of Spirituality. I realized through my levels of teachable moments that everything had a place and the only way to level up is to go through the levels. There are no shortcuts to this thing called life. To win, you have to know the rules, you have to have strategy.

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